Spanning over a period of three days, the IPv6 Conference and Workshop event was organised by IDA Singapore to encourage local companies to grow their business with opportunities offered by the next internet protocol, IPv6. 

Conferences and workshops were conducted by the local and overseas IPv6 professionals from some prestige organisations like APNIC, CISCO, Akami, Yahoo!, Nephos6, Sophos, Arbo Networks, Bluecat Networks, InfoWeapon, Huawei Technologies, Polycom, Infoblox and Singapore Polytechnics. To ensure an all-rounded knowledge on IPv6, IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter) has appointed Progreso Networks (S) Pte Ltd, the Centre of IPv6 Learning, to provide a one day IPv6 security workshop for more than 40 ICT professionals.  

This workshop covered the below topics:

1. IPv6 Security Introduction

2. IPv6 Security Compromises

3. IPv6 Security for the Local Network

4. IPv6 Internet Security Considerations

5. Security Issues on Transition Mechanisms




6 June 2012 is the official day for World IPv6 Launch. Major Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to enable their Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) products and services permanently.

Co-organized by IPv6 Forum Singapore (IFS) and Internet Society Singapore (ISOC), this event is intended to motivate organizations across the industry in Singapore to prepare for and permanently enable IPv6 on their products and services as Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address space runs out. This also represents a major milestone in the global deployment of IPv6. As the successor to the current Internet Protocol, IPv4, IPv6 is critical to the Internet's continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic development. 

Singapore is a major trading hub and a major financial centre in the region. If organisations in Singapore do not embrace IPv6, what impact will this have for Singapore's role in the region?

Target Audience: Business Owners, Project Managers, CIO, CTO, IT Managers, IT Executives, Pre-Sales Consultants and Engineers from various industry.

Why is World IPv6 Launch necessary?

The address space used by the current version of the Internet protocol, IPv4, is expected to run out in the near term. Without action, we risk increased costs and limited functionality online for Internet users everywhere, in addition to curtailing the Internet's growth of a platform for innovation and economic development. The only long-term solution to this problem is adoption of IPv6, which provides a practically unlimited number of addresses. IPv6 is used extensively in many large networks, but it has never been enabled for end users at a global scale. 

World IPv6 Launch helps industry stakeholders work together to support the new protocol on an accelerated timeline. With major ISPs, home equipment manufacturers, and web companies permanently enabling IPv6 by this year's World IPv6 Launch on 6 June 2012, there are strong incentives for other industry players also make a commitment to permanent transition to IPv6 in the near future.


If you have missed the event, presentation slides are available here


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