Technology has made what we think impossible in the past possible now! In 2013, the conference’s theme, “Technovation: The Convergence of Technology & Innovation”, aims to share with you how companies and brands innovate, and how companies reinvent their products and processes to provide super user experience to engage the sophisticated consumers.

In this conference, you will:

  • Understand technology -  the double edge sword of innovation
  • Learn from renowned brands who will share how they manage the risk of technovation
  • Gain first hand update on Singapore ICT Landscape by the movers and shakers of the industry
  • Hear how User Experiences are reinvented by some key brands in the market.
  • Learn from the experts on special tracks – the Hottest IT Buzz and The e-Generation: Tapping the Social Media Network
IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter) is a suppporting partner to ICT Business Summit 2013. For full programme information, please visit
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