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In this session, we will debunk some of the myths of IPv6 security and how the nature of IPv6 protocol may introduce new security threats that are different from the IPv4 world. If not handled properly, some of these new security threats can potentially disrupt even IPv4 only organizations and cause data exfiltration via IPv6.

Purpose of the IPv6 Security Showcase:

• To demonstrate IPv6 security threats using live demos and presentations

• To illustrate how security tools can be used in IPv6

• To discuss IPv6 security best practices

• To highlight the importance of IPv6 security even for IPv4 only networks

The session will be delivered through an interesting storyboard and a live demo to exploit weaknesses in Neighbour Discovery Protocol, Transition mechanism such as ISATAP and Teredo and the first-of-a-kind Blended IPv6/IPv4 attacks using Metasploit.

8 Individual IPv6 Security Scenarios:

1. IPv6 Reconnaissance from the Internet

2. IPv6 Reconnaissance from Internal Network

3. Denial of Service attack using ICMPv6 messages

4. Man in the Middle Attack using IPv6 Router Advertisements

5. First Hop IPv6 Attack using Neighbour Cache Poisoning

6. IPv6 Attack on Mobile Tablet over Wireless Network

7. Blended IPv6/IPv4 Attack

8. Unauthorized access using IPv6 Transition Mechanisms 

Event Details

Date: 19 Sep 2014, Friday

Time: 1.30pm - 5.00pm (Registration starts at 9.30am)

Venue: Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering Block N, Level 3, Lecture Theatre LTN-1 (MAP)


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